I stumbled, when I was asked to write a testimonial; not for the lack of positive words but because I have not enough words to convey the positive effect that Connie Silvestri and QORTS has had on me and how I am rewriting what I though was possible.

I’ve gone from an amateur cross triathlete to a strong professional athlete training and racing the world.

Leela Hancox

Professional Cross Triathlete

From my first meeting with Connie 2012, she has always really made me think about structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before.

I started having Connie as my coach in 2012 and at that stage I just wanted to finish a long course offroad triathlon. By helping me focus on all the things that really are important, both mentally and physically, I could achieve this, and exceeded this.

I went on to compete in the world champs in Germany 2014, and Sardinia in 2015.  But in 2016 I had a change in direction.

Connie reignited a self-belief and hunger that inspired me to get back on track, I then pursued and focused on cross country marathon and stage racing.  I went on to achieve 2nd place at Bayview 100km in 2017, and 4th place in Redback 2017.

Connie also encourages sqaud morale, we usually have 2 camps a year, which is a great adventure.

Connie is a gifted coach who connects with the athlete’s needs, strives for better technique and above all overall strength and fitness. Her passion for the sport shines through by striving for always being better and encouraging her athletes with every stage. There is no such thing as can’t with Connie, it’s always I will achieve.


I joined QORTS three months before Off Road Triathlon World Championships in Australia.

I qualified as the 25th Australia in my age group and training with the QORTS. I was able achieve 30th in the world and the 16th of the Australian’s at the World Championships.

The year after I was able qualify for the Australian team again this time achieved 16th at the world championships in Canada.

I’d like to thank Connie helping me achieve my goals and for her inspiration, motivation, encouragement, mentor-ship and friendship.

I’d recommend QORTS to anybody wanting to reach their goals and ambitions whether in off triathlon or mountain biking with a fun, enthusiastic group of like minded people.

Nick Currie

Connie shares my passion for fitness, the outdoors and for the being the best possible version of you. Her unwavering belief in my ability coupled with the personal confidence she exudes, allows me to continue meeting my sporting goals. I’m now doing things I didn’t know I could do and I’m performing at a level I didn’t think possible for myself.

Connie has a smile on her face (except when I’m slacking off) and is always right over my shoulder, when I’m training. Plus, I get to share this experience with a great group of people; many of whom will be life-long friends.

Training with Connie was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In fact, because of this squad I’ve even represented my country! I’d encourage everyone to join us; will you?! Coach Connie is pure FITNESS: FUN INSPIRING TECHNICAL NOBLE ENERGETIC STEADFAST SUCCESSFUL!


At our first meet up my jaw went slack when Connie stated, “You can go to Worlds. Come with my squad!” Connie came to me highly recommended after I put a request out on Facebook for a triathlon coach. Previous to this I was trying to juggle the three main disciplines of training by myself!

That’s Connie, she has more belief in your abilities than you do. But that’s because she knows that when you work with her, she can get you there. Both her and the squad are truly welcoming and inspiring, they’re like a second family (yes, even with the occasional nuts!)

Be prepared for some not-too-pretty moments; there will be sweat, tears and yes, even blood! But it will be so very worth it when you complete your next race goal, be it a sprint/teaser or a long off road triathlon.


Wow!!!! Once again Connie, Thank You!!!

Every time I visit Brisbane I make sure my schedule works around a session with this crew. Being a furniture removalist travelling up and down the highway I have the opportunity to test my skills on a lot of trails. Though nothing compares to the sessions with the QORFS team, and the amazing trails of Cootha.

The culture within the group is extremely welcoming and encouraging, and yes of course there is the element of competitiveness. Connie leads the team with a drive focusing on each individuals skill and endurance level, whilst pointing out recommendations on technique.

My first session was a little over 2 years ago now, with the goal of competing in the TREX Off-road Tri at Ewen Maddock Dam – and I can honestly say without the guidance and support of Connie and her team, my achievement of 4th in 2017 would not have been possible.

There is a diverse team of athletes there, so whether your simply looking at an intro into the sport or you are already efficient in the art. Do yourself a favour and book in a session with Connie, you will not be disappointed.

Mark Longden