Strength and Conditioning

Utilizing weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, your own body weight, plyometrics (jump training) and reaction time training. You will gain strength, timing rhythm and coordination. You develop faster pathways when you respond to stimulus. These sessions are easily recovered from. It will help you maintain your muscle throughout your training blocks for running, cycling or swimming or other sports. All levels suit this group from beginners to advanced.

Sessions are held Bardon

Bike Speed Work

These sessions are on the road so it suits any cyclist, this session involves a series of short sprints sessions with set recoveries. Suits any ability level and is a lot of fun and very addictive. You will gain a lot of speed from pushing yourself against the clock. Fitness testing is incorporated which is great feedback on your progressions. Which will keep you on task achieving your goals and keeping your motivation high. All levels are welcome.

Meeting at Simpsons Falls picnic area, Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mount Coot-tha

Track run Session

The speed intervals sessions will help you improve your speed and lactic acid tolerance. You will i Improves your voVO2 max, which together with your long runs will improves your overall performance. Great for all levels.

Meeting at Jack Cook Park

MTB Fridays

MTB (Mountain Bike) Friday sessions generally include a 90-minute ride reaching elevations of +/- 1hr 30min +/- , 1000m +/- of elevation. These sessions are technical, challenging and physically demanding. We have a few hill challenges in the ride for king/queen of the mountain.

The MTB Friday rides varies every three weeks. The first week is known as the ‘tour’ we set the course. We go through the course together and wait for everyone to finish. There is one short cut option given for different levels.

The next two weeks we repeat the same ride. The second and third weeks are faster and everyone is encouraged to try to ride at there own fast pace. . Try and beat your previous time from last week. You will get ‘dropped’ if you can’t keep up, so it’s important to go at race pace.

There is usually 2 groups in this ride, we all meet back at the coffee shop. Unless you have a run off the bike to do for your program. Intermediate to advanced riders only.

Meet at Bardon

MTB fun days Sundays

MTB Sunday sessions focus on strength and endurance, using fire road climbs with plenty of elevation and single-track work at the end. These rides change around to suit the seasons. Sometimes we focus on single-track only rides depending on the training block you are in. Rides vary in distance and time (from two to five hours) to suit all levels. Locations vary also.

From 2hrs- 5hrs suits all levels. Ride with the beginners, intermediates or advanced group. You will gain strength and endurance from these rides it’s your base work and sets you up for your speed work. There is also run off the bike sessions for those adding in runs.

Various locations, including The Gap, Daisy Hill, Jinker (Albany Creek), Toowoomba, Nerang and Hidden Vale

Saturday’s Brick sessions

These sessions vary a lot usually fun and challenging. They are swim bike run sessions closer to races and when the weathers nicer. Sometimes they are Mtb/run sessions. The distances vary. E.g. {Swim- 1500m/Mtb -40km/run- 11km}, or e.g.{ run park run 5km followed by track session. Followed by run to the dam for a swim.} E.g. {Mtb 25km 25km run back from Mt Nebo}.

All levels welcome all distances have half option
Various locations


Swim sessions incorporate the technical aspects of triathlon swimming, technical aspects- and include open -water training, drafting, swim/runs, and swim/bike/ runs. Each session is different all the time from week to week. These sessions are specific to tri swimming which gives you confidence in your ability on race day. Suits all levels.

Various locations

Kids Tri Group

The Kids Tri Group is for six yo – twelve yo. The session is broken up into 3 parts. Part 1 – Includes upper body strength work- , circuits (battle ropes, push -ups, pull -ups etc.) Part 2 – bike skills -, obstacle course/ various skills( corning, braking, using gears, ascending and descending, time trials and getting over obstacles). Part 3 – Running- the children usually run for 20 minutes straight, in a game format which they look forward to. And the games have skills and fitness they are gaining while having fun. Each week we finish with- a mystery Freddo Challenge, which could involve anything from a mystery challenge (hand stand competition, to a monkey bar hanging challenge, various challenges) but always ends with the winner receiving a celebratory chocolate frog!. Sessions regularly change format and involve mini races. Children gain skills and, confidence.

Sessions are held at Bowman Park, Bowman Parade, Bardon.

Conditioning Circuit

Conditioning circuit sessions are designed to improve your general fitness. They it includes battle ropes, weights, boxing, kick boxing, plyometric (jump training), medicine ball work and core total body conditioning, guaranteed fitness gains and great for all levels.

These sessions are at Jack Cook Park and Bowman park

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